Timothy Graham MD

Dr. Timothy Graham, MD “Tim”

Diabetes Specialist

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Dr. Timothy Graham, MD “Tim”

Diabetes Specialist

I grew up in Akron, OH, close to Cleveland and also spent some time in Columbus, OH in my younger years.

While a professor at Harvard (Boston), I was recruited by the University of Utah to establish a new Diabetes research and clinical unit focusing on the biology of fat.  My laboratory was trying to answer the question:  “Why does being overweight cause diabetes and diabetic complications like heart disease and stroke?”  We made a lot of progress in this area, but there is still much to learn.

I grew up with a parent (my dad) who was seriously impaired by diabetes.  I felt helpless watching diabetes wreak havoc on his life.  Even though I couldn’t help him, I wanted to do something to help other people in his situation.  While diabetes itself is sometimes hard to prevent, we are really good at preventing diabetic complications. I focus a lot of my effort on helping my patients reduce the risk of diabetic complications (like eye, kidney, nerve, and foot problems, and vascular diseases like heart attacks and stroke).  My dad developed all of these problems in his life as a person with diabetes.  My dad was overweight, and I was an overweight kid, so addressing the challenges of being overweight is also important to me.

My favorite color is green: forest green bordering on teal to be specific.   We made sure to include that color in our clinic logo! My favorite meal is a bad answer for a doctor… but… pepperoni pizza with jalapeños.  Now you know I am honest.

My favorite vacation spot is Lake George, NY or Marco Island, FL – it’s a toss-up!

My favorite movie is … well there are too many to choose just one. I enjoy movies, podcasts, and audible books.

My wife turned me into a Utes fan but I still love to watch Ohio State. I’m also a Cleveland Browns fan (please no laughing).  I enjoy taking hikes with my dogs… and wife when I can convince her to join me! At least until the snow flies, and then we’ll both be skiing!

Founding and opening DETS is something I have wanted for a long time. I am committed to creating something better for my patients, and not just duplicating the same old thing in Diabetes care, which frankly hadn’t been working very well for patients over the decades. You can count on me to bring you the latest and best approaches to treatment, a “listening ear”, an “I’m on your side” attitude, and a cooperative approach to finding a plan that will work for your lifestyle and needs. This is what you can count on from me as your Diabetes Specialist.  Tim